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With the goal of making the HELPS Programs accessible to as many teachers possible, and because there are important advantages of having teachers learn the HELPS Program during a live HELPS Workshop, efforts are underway for certifying HELPS Program Trainers.

At the present time, attempts are being made to certify as many trainers as possible in the HELPS One-on-One Program. As other HELPS Programs become available, teachers will have opportunities to become certified in those programs, as well.

The role of a Certified HELPS Trainer is to most effectively train others to use the HELPS Program. Although obtaining certification as a HELPS Trainer is not difficult to obtain (as described below), certifying HELPS Trainers better ensures that schools will use the HELPS Programs in the most effective ways possible. Of course, with a larger number of Certified HELPS Trainers (both nationally and internationally), HELPS will be implemented most effectively across a larger number of schools.

It is hoped that each Certified HELPS Trainer will sometimes create opportunities in their school, district, or region to train others in the HELPS Program (depending on the needs of the Trainer's school or district). Sometimes, however, Certified HELPS Trainers will be contacted directly by The Helps Education Fund with a request to provide training in a local area. For example, if a school district in central Michigan requests training through this website, a Certified Trainer working near that school district may be contacted and asked, on behalf of The Helps Education Fund, to provide training for that district (usually in the form of hosting a HELPS Workshop). Of course, Certified HELPS Trainers are under no obligation to provide training. Also, as needed, Certified HELPS Trainers can request reasonable financial compensation.

To obtain status as a Certified HELPS Trainer in the One-on-One Program, the teacher must:

1. Attend a full-day HELPS Workshop (or complete an equivalent form of training, as approved by John Begeny).

2. Attest to implementing at least 10 complete HELPS sessions.

3. Document yourself implementing the core HELPS procedures and Tips and Reminders with 90% accuracy.

4. Complete the brief application that you can download from this webpage (see link at bottom of this page).

As noted on the HELPS Program Workshops page, most Certified Trainers also receive general information about how to most effectively host a HELPS Workshop and support future trainees. This information is usually provided when a teacher attends his/her first HELPS Program Workshop (i.e., when a teacher is first learning to implement the HELPS Program as part of a full-day workshop). In addition, upon becoming a Certified HELPS Trainer, each trainer will receive useful materials that can be used when training other teachers (e.g., power point presentation slides for workshops, forms, handouts, etc). 

To become a Certified HELPS Trainer, teachers do not need to attend additional HELPS Workshops or pay money to become certified.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified HELPS Trainer, please click the button below to obtain the application.


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