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There are several important materials that teachers use to implement the HELPS Program. Some of the materials differ depending on the grade level of the student receiving the HELPS Program. All instructional materials needed to implement the HELPS Program are included in The HELPS Program Teacher's Manual and the HELPS Curriculum. Both of these books are accessible for free after creating an account on this website and logging in. Samples of some of the HELPS Program instructional materials are accessible from this page. To preview these sample materials, click the Download button that immediately follows the description of the sample materials.

5 sample student passages from the HELPS Curriculum

10 sample teacher passages from the HELPS Curriculum

The Student Graph designed for 2nd grade students

The Progress Tracking Form designed for 4th grade students

The HELPS Program Implementation Flow Chart

HELPS for Small Groups
Although reading fluency is important for all students' reading development, instructional strategies designed to improve students' reading fluency are often missing from core reading curricula. In fact, approximately 40% of U.S. students are nonfluent readers.

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HELPS for Parents
Click the below link to watch how the HELPS One-on-One Program is implemented. This demonstration shows one full session of the HELPS One-on-One Program being implemented with a second grade student.

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HELPS for Spanish Speakers
Click the link below to get answers to commonly asked questions about the HELPS Program.

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