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At the present time, all of the major instructional materials needed to implement the HELPS One-on-One Program are available. The primary materials (such as the student passages, teacher passages, Student Graphs, Progress Tracking Forms, etc.) can be accessed by downloading the HELPS Curriculum and HELPS Teacher’s Manual for free from this website. These materials should then be assembled according to the instructions found in the beginning of the Teacher’s Manual and HELPS Curriculum.

To access the downloadable HELPS materials, please Login or Create an Account.

Alternatively, for approximately the same cost of printing and assembling the materials yourself, the pre-assembled set of three HELPS books (i.e., the Teacher's Manual, student passages, and teacher passages) can be purchased from The Helps Education Fund for only $55; and what's even better, 100% of your purchase supports teachers in their efforts to improve student learning!

Not only are the HELPS materials inexpensive compared to materials of similar reading programs, but the option to purchase the HELPS books also saves teachers time from buying basic materials (such as plastic 3-ring binders and plastic page protectors) and then assembling all of the materials. In addition, when teachers purchase the pre-assembled HELPS materials, 100% of the proceeds go directly to The Helps Education Fund. Click here to learn more about the options for purchasing the pre-assembled HELPS Materials and the advantages of making this purchase.

Instructional materials needed to implement other HELPS Programs (e.g., the program for small groups, Spanish speakers, and parents) are currently in the research and development phases. Additional information about those programs can be found by clicking here.

In order to implement the HELPS One-on-One Program, teachers need to have the materials listed below. As shown, most of the materials needed to implement the HELPS Program are accessible through this website or are common classroom items that most teachers already have. The menu on the left allows teachers to access the materials available from this website, including some sample materials that can be accessed prior to creating an account.

Materials needed that can be accessed from this website:

1. The HELPS Program Teacher's Manual (needed for learning how to implement the HELPS Program)

2. HELPS Program Training Video (needed for learning how to implement the HELPS Program)

3. Teacher passages (accessed as part of the HELPS Curriculum)

4. Student passages (accessed as part of the HELPS Curriculum)

5. Student's Progress Tracking Form (accessed as part of the HELPS Teacher's Manual)

6. Student's Star Chart (accessed as part of the HELPS Teacher's Manual)

7. Student's Graph (accessed as part of the HELPS Teacher's Manual)

8. Implementation Flow Chart (accessed as part of the HELPS Teacher's Manual)

9. Scripted Directions (accessed as part of the HELPS Teacher's Manual)

Other materials needed, all of which can be purchased as part of the pre-assembled HELPS materials

10. Three separate 3-ring binders (needed to hold the teacher passages, the student passages, and the Teacher's Manual)

11. Box of 100 plastic page protectors (needed for each sheet of teacher and student passages, as this allows the passages to be re-used with multiple children)

12. Stop watch (a stop-watch with a "silent-beep" is best)

13. Bonus Bag (a teacher uses this as part of the Reward procedure, as described in the Teacher's Manual)

Additional materials needed, all of which are common classroom items

13. Pencil

14. Dry-erase marker (a teacher uses this to record information on the student passages, which are covered with plastic page protectors)

15. Prize Box with small items (as part of the HELPS motivational system, students earn inexpensive items for showing signs of effort and improved reading)

16. Standard folder with inside pockets (used to hold each student's HELPS Graph, Tracking Form, and Star Chart)
HELPS for Small Groups
Click the below link to watch how the HELPS One-on-One Program is implemented. This demonstration shows one full session of the HELPS One-on-One Program being implemented with a second grade student.

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HELPS for Parents
The HELPS One-on-One Program materials are now available. These materials can be downloaded for free after creating an account and logging into the system.

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HELPS for Spanish Speakers
Learning the HELPS procedures is easily facilitated with (a) a systematic implementation protocol, (b) a Teacher's Manual that provides training exercises and considerable amounts of implementation guidance, and (c) a HELPS Program Training Video.

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