ABout HELPS 1-on-1

Rather than downloading the HELPS Program materials for free, please consider purchasing the pre-assembled Teacher's Manual, book of student passages, and book of teacher passages. All three books are included for only $55, and 100% of this purchase goes directly to The Helps Education Fund.

The advantages and procedures for purchasing the HELPS Program materials are described below. To go directly to the instructions for purchasing HELPS materials, click here.

Although the HELPS One-on-One Program instructional materials are available for free from this website, there are, of course, some associated costs with printing the Teacher's Manual and the HELPS Curriculum passages. There are also some costs associated with inserting all printed HELPS materials into three separate 3-ring binders (one binder each for the Manual, teacher passages, and student passages). In addition, to increase the longevity of these paper materials, each page of the teacher and student passages need to be inserted into a plastic page-protector before being assembled into the respective 3-ring binder.


Although these costs are relatively low, if prepared in the ways that best facilitate use of the HELPS Program, they will cost approximately $55. This cost estimate is based on the following purchases from a typical office supply store (as of September, 2012).

1. Two, three-ring binders = $6.00 - $8.00

2. High-quality plastic page protectors, box of 100 = $20.00 - $25.00

3. Typical printing and/or copying costs for approximately 300 total pages (e.g., print toner/ink, paper, etc.) ~ $14.00

4. Time required to print, purchase, and assemble all materials (approximately 1.5 hours) = at least $15.00

As an alternative to the above purchases and material development needs, teachers can purchase a high-quality, spiral-bound copy of the Teacher's Manual and a pre-assembled set of teacher passages and student passages (complete with a sturdy, three-ring binder and plastic page protectors). The cost of purchasing these pre-assembled materials is only $55.00, and no additional taxes will be charged.

In addition, teachers have the option of paying an additional $20 ($75 total) in order to receive the aforementioned materials plus a stopwatch, pre-made Bonus Bag, and a complimentary DVD of the HELPS Program Training Video.

Teachers should consider these costs in comparison to the hundreds of dollars commonly charged for other reading programs that are sold by publishing companies and related businesses. The reason HELPS materials are sold in this way is to support The Helps Education Fund. As stated previously, 100% of all purchases are used by The Helps Education Fund to support students' educational achievement.


Benefits of Purchasing HELPS Materials from The Helps Education Fund

1. 100% of the proceeds are used to support students' educational achievement.

2. Teachers do not need to spend time purchasing and assembling materials (e.g., inserting each teacher and student passage into a plastic page protector).

3. The HELPS Teacher's Manual is printed with a durable (full-color) book cover and high-quality pages.

4. The HELPS Teacher's Manual comes with spiral binding, which allows for easy copying of all needed materials and forms.

How to Purchase HELPS Materials

HELPS One-on-One Program materials can be purchased by check, credit card, or with a purchase order from a school or organization. Individuals can also purchase materials following most HELPS Program workshops offered by John Begeny. Purchases following a HELPS workshop can be made with cash, check, or credit card (though purchases made by check or credit card are preferred).

To purchase materials now, please create an account and/or login to your account if you have not already done so. Once logged in to your account, click

here for additional information about how to make purchases by check, credit card, or purchase order.

We require all purchasers to create an account so that we can notify all HELPS Program users with important updates. For example, HELPS users will be contacted by email when new HELPS Programs (e.g., the small-group program) or new HELPS research reports become available. Purchasers also benefit from creating an account because this allows for access to materials such as the on-line version of the HELPS Program Training Video. Creating an account is free and usually takes less than five minutes. 

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