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Through a non-profit organization called, The Helps Education Fund, teachers have the option to obtain (free-of-charge from this website) the primary instructional and training materials needed to implement the HELPS Programs, including the HELPS Program Teacher's Manual, curricula, and training videos. Through The Helps Education Fund, schools and teachers can also access free educational materials not available from this website, and can apply to receive free educational services (e.g., HELPS Program Workshops, expert consultation services at the school or district level to assist schools with improving students reading, math, and writing skills).

Of course, running and maintaining The Helps Education Fund is not free. Thus, to support donations from The Helps Education Fund and its primary goal of improving students' educational success, individuals and organizations can also contribute financially to The Helps Education Fund.

By exploring the menu of links located on the left of this page, interested readers can learn more about The Helps Education Fund, how to receive donations from this Fund, how to make donations to this Fund, and how purchasing pre-assembled HELPS materials also meaningfully contributes to this Fund.

HELPS for Spanish Speakers
Although reading fluency is important for all students' reading development, instructional strategies designed to improve students' reading fluency are often missing from core reading curricula. In fact, approximately 40% of U.S. students are nonfluent readers.

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HELPS for Small Groups
The evidence-based and research-validated HELPS One-on-One Program is now available! This program is designed and proven to improve students' reading fluency.

Learn more about this program, such as which educators have used the program successfully, which students should benefit most from the program, and how educators can obtain the program and training for free.

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HELPS for Parents
The HELPS Program for parents will be specifically designed to make it easier for parents to use HELPS accurately in the home, especially for parents who have little to no background in literacy instruction.

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